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Are Your Kids, Family and Friends Safe Online?

Keep yourself, the kids and friends from becoming the latest cybercrime victims. It would seem to be commonsense these days with countless kids being victimized or worse, go missing. However these nightmares occur countless times everyday, statistics are alarming and quickly growing. STOP INTERNET CRIMINALS!

Simple tips for surfing the internet safely.

1] It's easy for people to remain anonymous online. Sometimes you can run into spammers or much worse, predators who are looking for personal info. They may ask you about yourself, family, or friends and where you live. It's extremely dangerous and should NEVER be given out.

2] Legit companies never ask for this info online. When they do, be very vary. You, your children and teens should learn this early and be reminded often about the dangers and what to do. Let them know they should always alert you, or a loved one who can take action and protect them. Take the internet safety quizzes!

3] Carefully select your email address or screen name. It's highly recommended that you use a combo of letters and numbers in both. Sometimes email/chat rooms or forums may ask during the sign up process what your age is, birth date, phone number or if you're male or female. Leave this info blank. Use a nickname that's different from your screen name in chat rooms.

The reason, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, if so leave immediately, then you won't need to worry if they know your screen name and can track you down by your email address.

4] Cyber Bullies

Cyber bullies are cruel people who harass you online. These might be former people you once knew. They can be threatening and, in most cases, very scary.

Always ignore them rather than answer them. Cyber bullies, just like any bully, are often angry, disturbed people who are looking for a reaction from you. If ignoring them doesn't work, get help from a parent, or adult right away.

Investing in online protective software is cheap. It can help automatically control everything you're child does online, from downloads to the amount of time they spend on the internet. You can relax to some extent, then just follow the above Internet Safety Tips, and Quiz your kids often about Cybercrime.

The navigation links will also help you learn about other forms of cyber crime that occur on a daily basis. Staying up to date is your best defense!

Please TELL-A-FRIEND about this internet safety tips and solutions site who may also be at risk from cyber criminals!

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